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System Objective

This system was created to provide a more meaningful way of showing your over-all Returns & Payment Performance. You as a law abiding taxpayer should be able to see all your taxes monitored accordingly. And!, more importantly, you should be able to see how your contributions help build our countrys economic growth.

The CEO Report

Find out more about all these Tax Types straight from our very own CEO as each and every type is laid down with a comprehensive definition. This should help you understand each corresponding report better as you browse along the different report outputs made available to you.

Returns & Payments

Discover all the different tax types associated to your tax category as you see all the reports that are automatically generated by the system. Click your way around to all the information that the system can provide regarding the performance of the taxes you pay. Each report would & should display an accurate account of your payments as of the last updated run of the system.

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